Cover versus Cover

What is going on with book covers these days?
Has anyone else noticed this?
Covers are supposed to be original, the artists work unique and always traditionally published books have been bought and coveted because of the cover artwork.

So it's really surprised me to find that two press published (as opposed to self-publish) have the same image.

Published August 21st 2011 by Revolution Publishing

Expected publication: January 2nd 2012 by Egmont Books Ltd

Ironically its this cover of Hallowed that we're giving away in our end of January draw.

Let me know if you see this image anywhere else!!


  1. Hmm, this is interesting. I wonder if the presses know about this.

  2. I sent a message to HarperTeen. They have a different cover for the US Hallowed but I can't believe they would let the UK one have a stocked image. It'll be interesting to see what they say!

  3. I have awarded you blog with the Liebster Blog Award, check out my site to see the instructions.

  4. Umm the model used for the cover is the same, but the cover as a whole is different.


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