Review: How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation by Simone Elkeles

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Guess who's jetting to the Holy Land this summer!

Remember me, Amy Barak-Nelson—a.k.a the queen of disaster? In case you forgot, my boyfriend Avi is in the Israeli army. A visit is definitely in order.

Somehow my grandmother convinced me to sign up for two weeks of pure hell in a military training base. Getting up before dawn, peeing in a hole, and playing war games in the desert isn't my idea of fun. But what's worse? Our team leader turns out to be Avi!

This time Amy's adventure takes her to Israeli Defence Force boot camp. And she has her friends with her also. But her motives are far different from theirs. She only wants to see Avi and spend time with him. Except he's a soldier now and can't just drop out of duty just to be with his girlfriend ( he has no idea she's arriving, I might add).

For the most part, again, this story was fun and Amy was as witty as ever. However she's taken a turn for worse by becoming a little too ignorant and whiny. She doesn't get why Avi can't spend time with her, or why they can't just make out like a boyfriend/girlfriend. She's naive to the max and it does become annoying after a while. She also gets a little too self-centred when it comes to her friends. Her whole world suddenly revolves around seeing Avi, speaking to Avi and getting Avi into trouble.

But by the end she does redeem herself and all loose ends are tied up. The ending didn't seem like a proper finale so I do hope the Elkeles thinks about writing a 4th.

Overall, not as good as the first two but heartwarming, funny and lighthearted.

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