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The blurb from Goodreads:

Rose Frost discovers from Aiden Deverill, the bad boy around town, that she’s a Primord Elemental in hiding and just like him, sort of. Rose always knew there was something off when he was around. She can never get a reading or feel his essence like she can other people. Her sensory abilities just won’t work.

Instead she has to use her female intuition which isn't always a good thing. He may be dazzlingly gorgeous with his sapphire blue eyes and black hair, and he may be from the same group of ancient races that her ancestors come from.
But it doesn't mean she has to like him. Until he tells her that he never wants to see her again.

Rose realises she’s on her own once more, she must find her missing grandmother, and some strange crystals to prevent the worst from happening - an apocalypse, the end of mankind. But a tragedy immediately happens for which Rose fears she may never recover from fully, and emotionally she plunges to the depths.

Her weird dreams of Nerído Xipilé make her second-guess Aiden once more. Is he really as evil as his grandfather? Does Rose have the ability to cure the black hatred that lies in his heart?

On this non-stop and fast paced journey, Rose comes into her own, discovers new abilities and the reason why she's considered The First. She faces new enemies and must deal with unexpected obstacles particularly when her gift is caught on camera exposing her to the world media.

But the only person who can truly rescue her in the end plays with fire.

Her time for the Unburdening and Integration into Halika Dacomé draws near, she only has seven days to find out the truth, once and for all, before it’s too late.

I contacted Alexandra May recently to ask when the cover would be available. Due to personal circumstances the book will be delayed again. The Circle of Fire was originally due to be published in January 2012 but was put back to May 2012 and now its a TBC. This is Alex's message that she allowed me to share with you:
Dear Charlotte

Thank you so much for featuring Elemental: The Circle of Fire as your 'Waiting on Wednesday' feature.

People say that art emulates life and none could be so true as this book and my Rose Frost stories! It took me 18 months to finally complete Elemental: The First. I had to continue every day life while I wrote every night and it was a labour of love in the end.

Since its publication in July 2011 I've written 2 more books, one being Elemental: The Circle of Fire and the other The Lost Dacome Files: The Battle of Arcanon Major. Both are still incomplete and its been difficult to get them to a finished state because of what's happening outside of my writing.

I live in Southern Europe with my boyfriend of 12 years. In September 2011 he was offered a new position in Saudi Arabia, Middle East (who knew?). All of a sudden everything had to be put on hold. Would he take the job? Should he take it? In December, just before Christmas last year, he left to take up his new role. It was a lifetime opportunity that we couldn't turn down.

To say that I went through dark days following his departure is an understatement. For anyone who has been in a long term marriage or relationship they will understand that. I was afraid of writing anything because what I would put down on paper would be akin to lemmings jumping off a cliff. And Elemental: CoF didn't deserve any more darkness than is included already. 

Today, my partner is incredibly happy, settled and waiting for me, except I'm unable to join him in KSA because we're not married. Saudi Arabia is a difficult country to get into. They don't allow tourists and its effectively a 'closed country'. So now I'm packing up my house, arranging for 2 dogs to be vaccinated, sponsored, visa'd, and I'm getting married (to the delight of our parents) and I can finally join him once the Saudi authorities allow me entry. My life is hectic beyond belief, full of bureaucracy and endless paperwork but I'm hoping I'll be able to relocate to Saudi Arabia around June/July of this year.

Elemental: The Circle of Fire will be rescheduled for a release date towards the latter part of the year. The readers who enjoyed Elemental: The First don't deserve a book churned out just to be published. They deserve a story that's had my full attention. I'm a perfectionist so until I'm 100% happy, the story will have to wait. Being self-published isn't always easy but the upside of that is I'm in control.

For all my readers out there who are waiting to find out if Morgan and Rose make it, let me tell you this. Elemental: The Circle of Fire will be worth the wait!

Charlotte, once again, thank you for your ongoing loyalty and keep up your blogging!

With best regards

Alexandra May


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