Review: Elemental: Origin (Primord #1.5) by Alexandra May

Publishers: Pauma Publishing
Published Date: April 4th 2013
From: Bought
My rating: 4 out of 5


What happened to the two missing bloodlines?
How did the Xipilé’s amass their fortune?
Who was behind Mira’s accident?
And what is Amy’s secret?

Spencer Phillips, Daisy Frost, Andrew Orelían and Aiden Deverill open up their hearts and minds to reveal some of the secrets from Elemental: The First in this in-between short story.


This wasn't what I expected at all. Elemental: Origin goes behind the scenes before that last chapter of Elemental: The First with a final chapter just after. Told from 5 different side-characters, it delves into the background of the Dacomés and Xipile´s. We learn a little more about the characters and motives. The one thing Origin taught me is not to assume anything! The world Alexandra May is weaving is becoming more clearer as another book is announced. Now I can't wait for Circle of Fire! Only marked down because it's a novella and I wanted to read more!

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