Review: Rebellion (The 100 #4) by Kass Morgan

Published:  December 6th 2016 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Rating: 3 out of 5


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Centuries after nuclear war destroyed our planet, humanity struggles to rebuild. It’s been a month since the dropships landed and the Colonists joined the Hundred on the ground. The teens, once branded juvenile delinquents, are now leaders among their people.

The Colonists and the Earthborns are celebrating their first holiday together when, to everyone’s horror, they’re attacked by a group of strangers whose unusual battle cries fill the air. The newcomers kill scores of people, seize prisoners, and pillage crucial supplies. When hotheaded Bellamy and his analytical girlfriend Clarke discover that Wells, Octavia and Glass have been captured, they vow to get them back at all costs. But as they go after their new enemies, Bellamy and Clarke find themselves increasingly at odds, unable to agree on a plan to save their friends.

Meanwhile, Wells, Octavia, and Glass are being slowly brainwashed by their captors, religious fanatics with one goal: to grow their ranks and “heal” the war-ravaged planet… by eliminating everyone else on it.

But centuries of radiation exposure have taken their toll, forcing the cult to take drastic steps to survive. And unless the rescue party arrives soon, the teen captives will face a fate more terrifying than anything they could imagine. In this thrilling fourth installment, the hundred fight to protect the people they love on the dangerous planet they always dreamed of calling home.



Rebellion started off strong. A peaceful party setting that everyone was looking forward to. The party gets ruined when bald headed, white dressed men invade, inject people and then drag them away. This is a foe that the Earthborns and Colonists haven't met yet so there's no knowing what could happen to their friends and loved ones.

This is a fitting end to the series, if indeed that's how it is. The group have one last battle before proper freedom can be felt. I don't know. In this whole book there was almost a feeling of writing off and ending this without the normal care.

For a start, Wells and Glass are taken by the Protectors. They give us the glimpse of inside the fortress--the rugged ruin of the Pentagon, no less--and the 'mother' Soren. There are some initiation ceremonies to take place and when they all learn about it, needless to say, they want to get the hell out.

Bellamy and Clarke with a few others lead a group to said fortress to rescue the taken.

That's pretty much the story. There are very few, if any, back and forth's as previous books. Lots of wishing and reminiscing. A small bicker between Bellamy and Clarke. But that is the sum of Rebellion. As I read, I almost felt like the author had given up on the story because of the TV series, and didn't have the heart to spread the plot any further.

I've seen a new series that Kass Morgan is beginning called 'Light Years.' I think she's concentrating all her energy on that now. My understanding is that The 100 was supposed to be a trilogy but a fourth book was commissioned to ride alongside the TV series. Which makes no sense whatsoever because the story arcs are not similar.

All in all, I did enjoy The 100 series. There were parts that were interesting. The characters all travelled to their destination. Now everyone's happy. There wasn't really anything new or earth shattering about the series except for the initial concept but..I enjoyed it all anyway :)



About the Author

Kass Morgan received a bachelor's degree from Brown University and a master's from Oxford University. She currently works as an editor and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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