Review: White Witch by Trish Milburn

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Witchcraft Is Her Family’s Business.No One Quits The Family And Lives To Tell About It. “Jax” Pherson has power, enough power to know her future will end in service to the dark coven her father controls. Unless she can stay hidden in a small community in the mountains of North Carolina.

She must find a way to live without magic and deny the darkness she feels welling up inside her—the same dark power that fuels the covens around the world. All she wants is a normal life. A boyfriend. Friends. Some place to belong, but all too soon Jax’s barely begun new life hangs in the balance when she discovers that the boy she’s attracted to is sworn to kill her kind. He’s a hunter with good reason to kill everything that goes bump in the night. Even the most fleeting use of her power is tantamount to signing her death warrant and will bring both hunter and coven down on her. But can she walk away when her friends are threatened by an old evil? Something created by the magic of witches? Jax’s only hope of survival is to convince the boy she loves to forget everything he’s ever been taught and help her find a way to fight the covens. To believe there is some good in her
My Review:
This is a sweet, younger age YA Paranormal book. The main character, Jax, is 16 years old, a renegade witch who's run away from her coven. She wants to go to high school, have a best friend, even date. But mostly she wants to be a normal teenager. She gets her wish albeit for a short while before an event happens that almost destroys her new friendship with Toni and new boyfriend Keller. She confesses her history to them and though Keller isn't thrilled, him being a supernatural hunter and all, he comes around.More badness and mayhem happens and before you know it Jax is facing her greatest evil, her father.

I enjoyed this story. The constant references to Joss Whedon and Buffy made me smile. I'm just worried they might be a little lost on the age that this book is aimed at.

There was nothing really intense or heavy, a few moments of passionate kissing, a camaraderie that unites the friends in question and I just felt the book was a little lacking. Backstory from Keller, maybe, was needed. A little more information on Jax's family as we only get a few sentences about her sister. Not even a great amount about her dad who is the big bad (even I can do the Buffy thing!). This book skims the surface and tells a story rather than shows it. Don't get me wrong it's good, the writing style is fluid and pacy, but it isn't anything that I haven't read before hence the 3.5 out of 5.

With an ending like that however I'm intrigued as to how the author will unite everyone and continue the story. Bane (Book 2) has no release date as yet.

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