Review: Seers by Heather Frost

My Rating: 3 out of 5
For Kate Bennett, surviving the car wreck that killed her parents means big changes — and even bigger problems. As she begins to see auras and invisible people, Kate must learn to trust Patrick O'Donnell, a handsome Guardian, or risk her life being overrun with Demons. She soon realizes that both she and her heart are in big-time trouble.

Firstly I would like to say what a sterling book for a debut author and one so young. Heather Frost is only in her very early twenties but writes as though she has been at it for years. Her use of english and sentence structure is exemplory. 

The title of this book threw me. The book is called Seers yet as far as I could tell Kate, our main character, can only see auras which tell emotions. In history a Seer should be able to tell the future and the see back into the past so...I would have preferred another title.

The story (unfortunately for me) starts off so similar to many other YA books i've read of late i.e.the book is based around the school scenario with the high school jock as a boyfriend,  parents suddenly die, lots of grief and trauma, cute new guy shows up at same said school, turns out he's an absolute hottie, girl can't tear her eyes away from his piercing pools etc. Yeah, you know the drill. I forgot the 'woe is me' theme too.

Then we have the ''confession''. Where cute boy tells damsel in distress that he's her Guardian. Here to save her life when it needs saving...

Half way through the book I began to feel like this was STILL nothing new but I kept going to see if it would pick up. 

What held the book together for me was the narrative. Except there was far too much of it. Frost spent about 20 pages writing about how the character, Kate, feels about new boy Patrick. And it went on and on and on...I did skip lots of pages here while scanning still just to check I hadn't missed anything. The build up between Patrick and Kate is over half the book and personally just lost its edge and became dull with a hint of...JUST GET ON WITH IT...

The actual story theme was okay but lacked any oommff and towards the edge it was all a little too nice and easy for a story plot.

I probably won't read this book again but as I said in the beginning Heather Frost is an excellent writer. I just hope there's less narrative and more story in the next one.


  1. great review! :) I just got offered an ARC of Seers, and I wasn't sure whether to accept or turn it down... Great review that helped me make up my mind ASAP! Thanks

    -The Teen Book Guru

    1. Hey TBG! Glad I could help - I think I got the email also! Hope you like the book! xx


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