Review: Kiera's Moon by Lizzy Ford

Kiera's Moon by Lizzy Ford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like a sci-fi romance as much as anyone but few people can really pull it off without the story sounding like an excerpt from an old Star Trek episode.
I've never read Lizzy Ford's books before and didn't even read many reviews for this book before downloading. I was captivated by the cover and the pretty eyes of the girl so I thought, well, she looks interesting, why not?
So the story starts in modern day. I must admit I nearly put the book down after the fourth page. I found the dialogue a little jerky between Keira and Evelyn and found it hard to find an anchor. But soon we begin to learn that Evelyn's soon to be husband is actually from another planet and because Keira has no prospects (in Evelyns eyes) and Evelyn needs a friend on her travels she asks Keira to join her on an adventure to another world.
Of course Keira hates it. She see's six legged spider-cats and freaks out. She hates the male attitude to the women (women should be seen and not heard kind of thing). Except during an event she trips and falls into the hands of A'ran. Now A'ran doesn't sound, if I imagined, like the stereotypical hero. He has a crooked nose for one thing, but when Keira falls she has a vision which captivates her.
From here on in I couldn't put the story down. I HAD to read it to the final ending.
Lizzy Ford's writing is exceptional. She captures the moods, the moments, the dramas, and the exquisite imagery of the planets incredibly well. Yes, you really do feel like you are there.
You can pretty much guess from the start who the bad guys are, even Evelyns betrayal. Keira and Evelyn's relationship gets strained as they spend little time together and even right at the end when Evelyn does the right thing you get the impression that she isn't doing it for Keira's sake, more for the good of her husbands people.
A'ran and Keira are both emotional and strong in different ways so they really are the yin and yang and eventually they find the balance.
To go back to the beginning of this review, I've read a lot of sci-fi romance but I must admit this is one of the best I've read.
I've given it 4 out of 5 purely because a) I wished Keira and Evelyns relationship had had more input. For supposedly being such good friends I felt strains right at the start and would have liked to read more backstory on why. b) I felt it ended too soon. Yes, they were brought back together and the war was finally over but I would have liked to read how Keira healed Anshan AND Keira and A'Rans relationship finally flower. A'Rans final statement wasn't enough - but hey, that's just me!

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