Review - Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy 6) by Richelle Mead

4 out of 5


The astonishing final novel in Richelle Mead's epic series!

Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice. Now, with Rose on trial for her life and Lissa first in line for the Royal Throne, nothing will ever be the same between them.


I read this book twice before wanting to offer a review. The first time I read it I was a little annoyed. The second time I understood.
Firstly, Rose has to clear her name for the henious crime she's been accused of. Her friends help her out and soon she's on the run with Dimitri and a surprise addition of Sydney.
The romance goes back and forth with the love triangle until Sonya Karp comes back into the story and then Rose finally has to place her pieces in order. What is most important to her - the love of Adrian, the love of Dimitri or her devotion to Lissa?
To begin with I was surprised by her rebuff of D considering how much they grew together again in the last book. But though the author didn't ever write it in Rose's narrative we hear Dimitri constantly saying words that he did when he was Strigoi. "You can't run from me, I will always find you etc". Was Rose scared of this or did she just want to get away from him? Unfortunately we don't really find the answer. While Dimitri constantly reminds her of all the horrible things he did while in his former guise, he does go on abit saying the same things over and over again in the story even until the end.
Rose seeks Lissa out in her head and figures out what exactly her friends are doing in her absence, however again, too much filler.
When the story ended (after my first read) I was disappointed that the Author had headed in this direction. The life at the Moroi Court wasn't that interesting for me. I wanted more action from the Guardians and more from the Alchemists. However after the second read I finally got it.
Rose's life has been completely dominated (and we learn this even from the first book) by her need to protect Lissa. The guardians devote their lives to the Moroi and to protect them.
I was expecting more to come from Dimitri's ability to remember the Strigoi groups scattered around the world and possibly was hoping that they would start a campaign to find them and either defeat them or turn them. 
But, the Guardians motto comes back to mind. Nothing else matters except the Moroi - they come first.
Many reviewers have mentioned Adrian. I don't think Adrian was ever deserving of Rose, and I think Adrian is so screwed up that he acted badly when he asked Rose to consider him when she came back (Blood Promise). Has he no heart? Why would he even think that she would be able to consider him when the love of her life has just been turned? Selfish? Yes, I think so.
So, Rose turns to him for affection like a comfort blanket, nothing more. At the end of Last Sacrifice he reacts badly but in my opinion he deserves it. He needs to grow a spine.
Ultimately Dimitri and Rose come together and most of the story gets sown up nicely. But a little niggle remains so this is food for thought.
They, neither of them, mention Dimitri's family who all still think he's Strigoi. Wouldn't you want to tell them straight away? Didn't they deserve that after looking after Rose so well?


  1. I Love VA series, and Last Sacrifice, one of my favorite :)

    1. And I'm one of those few people who loved how it ended. Dimitri and Rose definitely deserve to be together....Adrian who??


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