Review: Altered Destiny by Shawna Thomas

Altered Destiny by Shawna Thomas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you to Net Galley and Carina Press for allowing me to read this book.

Altered Destiny - mmm, to be honest, the title of this book does it no justice whatsover. This book was SO much more and I loved it from start to finish.

Selia has run her family's tavern since she was fifteen and can hunt and fight the equal of any man. When she rescues a badly wounded man and nurses him back to health, she has no idea she's about to change not only her life, but also the destinies of two peoples…

The battered warrior is Svistra—a race of bloodthirsty savages determined to destroy her homeland. Or so the stories claim. Jaden reveals a different truth: how his ancestors were driven into the barren northern mountains. Now they are strong and war parties are pushing south wanting their land back.

The son of a Svistra Commander, Jaden is looking for a way to bring peace to both humans and Svistrans. He tries to ignore his growing passion for Selia, but when she is captured he has to decide what he would be willing to sacrifice to save the woman he loves…


Selia, our heroine, is as gutsy as the toughest woman you know, but she's soft and feminine when she needs to be, not that she wants that way of life.

Jaden is a Svistra (blood dependent savage enemy to all) who Selia rescues from three thieves about to end his life.

Enter the magic! From the moment they laid eyes on each other they know they were fated to be together. But this strong a connection was never going to run smoothly.

In a world where Kings occupy thrones and are reluctant to enter the fray of battle, mayhem and chaos takes over the lands and war is imminent. It can only be stopped if leaders drop their guards and allow an enemy, a Svistra, to take things into his own hands.

The characters in this book are all brilliant and true to life. You shared moments with each and every one including Nathan and Leisle.

But most of all the adventure shared with Jaden and Selia is awesome.

Shawn Thomas has written such a marvellous book that would be enjoyed by anyone seeking a story of romance, high adventure and a kick-ass sword-wielding heroine! I LOVED it!

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